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IMAGE Laudrymachines now also in Nothern Germany represented

Since 1997 the ECOTEC e.K. acts as a manufacturer of single- and multichest-ironer within the range 500 - 1800 mm of roller diameters. An increasingly larger range became the customer service and the spare part supply for laundry equipments of different manufacturers. Offen our customer asked for new products and so we become the agency for IMAGE laundry equipments for Northern Germany from the german Distributor HeBeTec. The cooperation between ECOTEC and HeBeTec exist since establishment of the ECOTEC e.K..
Already since 2008 the brand “IMAGE” of the Thai manufacturer ACCURATE TECHNOLOGIES is driven out by HEBETEC successfully in Southern Germany. New structures in the marketing department of the manufacturer with new European seat in the Netherlands and extension of the product offer by assumption of AMTEC from the LAVATEC insolvency led to the fact that the selling for entirely Germany was again assigned.
ACCURATE TECHNOLOGIES EUROPE BV is led by Harry Schutte, formerly AMTEC, which secured with its old crew the continuance of the AMTEC technology.
Selling all machines under the brand of “IMAGE”,Thomas Herrmann and Ralf Schroeder, the two managing directors of the HEBETEC GmbH, are pleased about the proven confidence. They see therein a consequence of their successful work of the last years.
A goal of the HeBeTec GmbH is now to develop a solid structure within the range selling and technology that the customers are optimally cared for.



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Further Information to IMAGE Products you can see on the homepage of HeBeTec:



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